Hippity Hop Bunny Board

imageIf your looking to add a touch of spring or Easter decor to your home this project is perfect for you!

The supplies needed are a wooden board, scissors, white paint, a paint marker/markers the your choice, pompoms or cottonballs, cardboard, and a paper towel.

I started by white washing the board. I’m not one for clean up, so I simply squirted a line of paint down the board, wet a paper towel and spread it around. After one coat I decided I wanted it whiter so I simply added a second layer and was good to go!


While the paint dried, I drew and cut out my bunny pattern. As you can see I used basic shapes to get it looking proportionate and then made it slightly larger after holding up to my board. If your uncomfortable free handing just print off a bunny shape you like online trace and cut!

Use your pattern to trace your bunnies onto your board, checking for equal spacing as you go. (Of course I eyeballed it but you could measure if you prefer.) When your outlines are dry, go back and fill them in with patterns of your choosing. You can also add words at this time if you like!

Lastly, add your pompom tails! I got mine from the target dollar section and they had sticky backs, but you could make your own and glue them on.


I loved the way this turned out and think I’ll try another with brighter colors! If you decide to give this project a go, post your completed sign in the comments so others can admire your work!

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