Grey and White Gallery Wall

I have wanted a gallery wall in my home for quite sometime. After inheriting some awesome bleached antlers from my late great uncle I finally decided to go for it!

imageWhile I loved the antlers I have to admit the skull part still kinda creeped me out. I fixed that and created a distinct piece by using a silver paint marker to paint in the central piece. This piece was my inspiration to get started! I then collected the other items from around my home and some clearance shopping at my favorite store Homegoods! I made sure to keep with my neutral color scheme while playing with a variety of textures, dimensions, and finishes.

imageBefore making to many holes in my wall I spent a lot of time laying out and planning my design. I’d like to say I planned it out, hung it up, and loved it but that’s not quite how it went. After spending an hour arranging and rearranging I hung my initial design and didn’t like it at all…so I scratched the whole thing and started over. Sadly, I now have many holes to fill in despite my “planning”, as well as some touch up painting to do. The good news is I’m much happier with the scale and look of my final design so it was all worth it!


My favorite view of this wall is actually from the side. I love the texture and the dimension added from the antlers, keys, and shelves. If anyone is creating their own gallery wall, I would suggest being creative with items and not being afraid to venture out of the box! (I should add that I have yet to get photos into the frames…That will have to be next on my long list of finishing touches to complete. I’m great at starting projects it not so great at finishing…)


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  1. ALWAYS love your brilliant creativity! I have so many things to get on the walls, including Great grandmother Hoffman’s piano music I had framed yrs. ago.


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