Bathroom Update: Luxury Vinyl Tile

Another post from my sisters wonderful new home. Have you ever seen vinyl flooring turn yellow? Specifically in places rugs once called home…Well my sisters new bathroom had a fantastic example of just that.


While she could have covered it up with yet another rug she would have also needed to have one of the fuzzy feet toilet skirts as well. (Let’s just be honest for a second here…while they do keep your feet cozy and warm while your going about your buisness they also provide a wonderful home for germs and dare I say overspray. Please do your guests a favor and don’t make them straddle your beautiful shaggy toilet turf. Moving on…)

After some thought (about ten minutes of thought after seeing luxury Vinyl Tile at Lowes) they decided to give it a go.


There was plenty of information online about installing Luxury Vinyl tile. After some reading they decided to clean the floors and lay the tiles right over the top of the offending floors. These spesific tiles already had adhesive backs so no additional adhesive was needed! The only other tools needed were a square, exacting knife, grout, and some nickels for spacers.


The actual project started in one corner laying each tile individually and spacing them using the nickles. The first row consisted of whole and half tiles to obtain a staggered pattern.


The laying was pretty simple with the exception of the toilet, however, all that was needed was to cut out the correct shape and continue laying.


After laying the tiles The next step is grouting.


My sister used a premixed neutral grout to finish the whole thing off. (If your floors will see a lot of use you may want to go with a colored grout as white can dirty quickly and leave your bathroom feeling grungy.)


After applying and wiping off the excess grout the project was done and I must say it turned out amazing! It not only rid the bathroom of its dirty rug spots but also updated it and gave it some added warmth. (You’ll have to forgive the color variations…photographing a bathroom with no natural light can be tough…)



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