Rainbow Mummies

imageToday the girls wanted to do a craft project so I started looking through my craft supplies. While sorting through copious amounts of “stuff” I found I have a ridiculous amount of plastic knives. I don’t know about you but the spoons and forks always get used up and I am left with lonely plastic knives. Seeing as my girls to paint, it’s almost Halloween, and I have a way to many plastic knives the only logical thing to make was rainbow mummy puppets…


-Lonely plastic knives

-White fabric strips (an old t-shirt works great)

-Googley Eyes

-Glue gun (other types of glue would work as well but I love the instant hold of a glue gun)

-Water Color Paints and Brushes

-Paper for arms (I like to match the knives)



Step 1: Cut the strips into one foot long pieces and the paper into arms.


Step 2: Glue the googley eye on the front and the paper arms across the back. I also glued the start of my strip to make it easier for the girls to wrap.


Step 3: Wrap your mummies and glue the end down.


Step 4: Get out the water colors! I don’t know if they just love the color of poo or if they are just so excited to utilize the rainbow but all my girls project tend to end up a ugly shade of brown. To avoid this I cut the water colors apart into groups of three: red, orange, yellow, and blue, purple , green and it worked like a charm.

After painting we added a little glitter glue for fun and the puppet show began!

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