Gallery Wall : Old and New


A while back my sister hit up a Neighboorhood garage sale where she purchased a bunch of old items and turned it into this beautiful gallery wall in her home.


After collecting a bunch of unique pieces, she added a variety of new items to keep the mixture from looking, well, old. In the end she had a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes that perfectly complimented one another and a puzzle fit for a queen. She worked hard at arranging and rearranging her items on the ground before finalizing her plan and taking a photo of the layout.


Time passed and the items remained in storage until one day she and I decided to tackle the wall. We began by laying out all the items in their correct locations on the table.


After discussing tracing the items on paper, measuring out spacing, and taping an exact paper replica on the wall ahead of time, Lindsay stepped out of the room to check on the kids and I hammered the centeral item in place. (I’ve never been one to measure twice, or once, or even be able to find a measuring tape for that matter…) And so it began. We worked our way outward referring to our photo for general locations and adjusting as we saw fit.


In the end we loved the layout and all we had to do was finish off the unfinished wood pieces. We left this for last because we wanted to get a better feel for the colors and balance of light and dark in the room. We choose to paint a majority of our pieces white and to stain one dark. (Sadly the picture frame in the right had yet to be stained in my photo but I just couldn’t wait to post it!)


The unique pieces from the sales and the addition of new items, make this gallery wall the perfect mixture of old and new!

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