Creative Design: Thinking outside the box.

When we moved into our new home we had a front room labeled the “flexroom”. While it was decorated as an office in the model home, we had no need for an office and it required a bit of creativity to make it a purposeful space that met our needs. Because this room is the first thing you see when you walk into our home it was important to me that it was not only a functional space but also welcoming.


Having young kids, we knew we didn’t want a playroom to be the first thing guest saw but we also knew that toys would end up here. We tackled this problem by including a custom made bench with large wicker baskets to hide away unsightly toys. It’s amazing how quickly the kids can clean up when all they have to do is throw the toys in the bins!


While the kids love to play in this room it also a favorite place of mine to chat with friends. To make this room a welcoming place for adults I added four simple chairs and small end tables. Having a place for guest to set their coffee or tea makes the room much more practical for entertaining. We actually use this room all the time and the space functions wonderfully as a casual sitting room.


One thing that really required a creative solution was what to do with people’s coats when they came into our home. We do have a coat closet near the door but it may or may not be full of games and spare decorating items. This simple hanging coat rack is the perfect thing for our entry. It doesn’t take much space and is super functional!


One thing that took a while was finding a unique coffee table to pull everything together. I had been looking for some time but didnt find anything I loved. Luckily, my mom came across this table labeled for outdoor use. While the table may have been meant for a patio, I quickly decided it may actually be the perfect fit for my room. I tried it out inside and it was a perfect. Don’t let labels define your decorating and don’t be afraid to think outside the box!


With a bit of time and creativity our “flexroom” has finally become a functional and welcoming space!


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