Concrete Pumpkins

I recently saw some adorable concrete pumpkins at the store. Since I just happened to have a bag of left over Concrete mix in my garage (who doesn’t?) I thought I might as well attempt making my own. The neighborhood kids even got curious and came over to join in the fun. Let’s just say I learned my patience for letting concrete dry is equivalent to that of a two year old…


-Miniture Plastic Pumpkins (I got mine at Target in the dollar section)

-Cooking spray

-Large nails (You can also use tea lights of you want to try to make candle holders. I tried this in my second batch and loved it!)

-1 bag Quikrete or similar fast drying concrete.

-Plastic container and shovel for mixing

-Sharp Knife or fine tooth saw



Step 1: Prepare the pails by taking the handles off and spraying the insides with cooking spray to avoid sticking.


Step 2: Mix the Quikrete according to the directions and fill the pumpkins.


Step 3: Tap the pumpkins on the ground to help get the air bubbles out and then add your nails to the center. (Tip: I think they look even cuter with a little slant to give them some character. If you’d prefer you could also forgo the nails and add tea lights for a different use!)

Step 4: Wait…seriously don’t try to get them out early or pull the nails to check if they are stuck. It will not turn out well. Trust me I tried and if I can wait (for the remaining three pumkins I didn’t already ruin) you can too.

Step 5: Remove the plastic pumpkins by slicing four or more lines around the pumpkin and popping them free of their molds. Brush off and enjoy!

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