5 Things I Learned Tiling: Tips from an amateur.

I’m not even going to attempt to do a DIY on tiling. If your looking for the how tos you’ll want to consult an expert. This was my first time and I am no where near a professional. What I will do is share a little bit of what I learned and the results that I love!

When we moved in we got this lovely granite backsplash, if you can call it that. It did little to protect our walls from my attempts at cooking and my children’s habbit of getting more soap on the walls than their hands. After two years and countless unattractive spots I finally ripped it off and attempted my first tile job!

Builder Installed Granite “Backsplash”

Things I learned #1:  Getting the granite backsplash off is easy…if you have a crowbar. All I had to do was slice the caulk and pry it off. After trying to yank it off using my amazing arm strength and failing, I got out the crow bar and it was easy peasy.

With the granite gone my father in law came over with his tile saw and showed me the basics. The process itself wasn’t that difficult, it just takes time and concentration. Both of which I lack having two young kids but I managed to get it all done in three days and I finally love my kitchen!



Things I learned #2: Tiling is best done after bed time as it requires some level of attention, dirty hands, and the use of a saw. Making cuts wasn’t that hard so beginners need not be afraid. I did however get a nice shower when I put a bit to much water in tile saw.

Things I learned #3: Have extra tiles and bandaids! When your tired and your cutting around outlets your bound to measure wrong or snap a tile. You may also unknowingly nick you knuckle on the tile saw and need some awesome Frozen bandaids or another design of your choosing. Luckily the tile saw is much more forgiving than a miter saw…


Things I learned #4: Once again patience is required and I have none. With that said I used two types of adhesives and for those with little patience like my self I highly recommended Omni grip tile adhesive. The tiles stuck when I placed them and didn’t slide unlike the other brand. I was able to remove my spacers much sooner and I didn’t worry about things shifting when I added new tiles or just couldn’t wait any longer to take a look minus the spacers.


Things I learned #5: Grouting is not my forte. I highly suggest not taking any tips from me on this portion of tiling. I made it through and I’m happy with the end product but I won’t even attempt to walk you through my journey with groute. Let’s just say groute and I are not best friends or even friends. We’re more like those two people walking down the street that both try to pass the same way and end up doing a strange looking dance as they both attempt to change directions to get by. In the end they make it through but it’s for sure awkward and takes a few tries.

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