Mermaid Surprise Cupcakes

For this post I’m going with the “a pictures worth a thousand words” approach. While the photos show you just how to make these adorable surprise cupcakes, please keep in mind you don’t have to use bracelets like we did. You could use rings, small toys, sprinkles, or Swedish fish. The possibilities are endless! If you try this out please be sure to add some photos of your finished product in the comments below. I’d love to see your work!IMG_8145IMG_8146IMG_8147IMG_8149IMG_8150IMG_8153IMG_8154IMG_8155IMG_8156IMG_8160IMG_8161IMG_8162IMG_8164IMG_8165IMG_8169IMG_8174IMG_8168

A Rustic Christmas

I’m not the only one in my family that has fun decorating for Christmas. My sister Lindsay has boxes of beautiful decor that she places just right around the house. Her decorating makes you wanna cozy up with a cup of cocoa (and her hospitality allows me to do just that when I pop in unannounced). A touch of Christmas in every room! IMG_6584IMG_6585IMG_6586IMG_6588IMG_6589



Christmas Tree: Decorating with Greens

My favorite time of year has begun and I’ve just complete tree number one. While this tree will be part of the Christmas 2017 album I wanted to do a special post for those that aren’t super happy with their tree to begin with. Maybe your tree is to dark green for your taste, maybe the branches lack variation, or they may be  sparse. Whatever you Tree looks like just think of it as a blank canvas!



For this particlular tree I wanted to lighten up the green and add some more texture. This was accomplished by stuffing the tree with a variety of greenery before decorating. I used everything! Ivy, ferns, grasses, berries, and more. Basically if it was in the not used greenery box it went on the tree.

IMG_6429When decorating a tree with greenery the key is to either stick with one or two types evenly spread or stuff as much as you can being careful to balance color and texture. After filling in our tree we added our other decorations.



This tree is located in a central location of the home so I kept it in line with the surrounding decor. Three types of ribbon (Isn’t the black and white stripe just amazing!) standard round ornaments, some unique ornaments, and even beaded garland make this tree a stunning site and to be honest the photos don’t do it justice!


Hippity Hop Bunny Board

imageIf your looking to add a touch of spring or Easter decor to your home this project is perfect for you!

The supplies needed are a wooden board, scissors, white paint, a paint marker/markers the your choice, pompoms or cottonballs, cardboard, and a paper towel.

I started by white washing the board. I’m not one for clean up, so I simply squirted a line of paint down the board, wet a paper towel and spread it around. After one coat I decided I wanted it whiter so I simply added a second layer and was good to go!


While the paint dried, I drew and cut out my bunny pattern. As you can see I used basic shapes to get it looking proportionate and then made it slightly larger after holding up to my board. If your uncomfortable free handing just print off a bunny shape you like online trace and cut!

Use your pattern to trace your bunnies onto your board, checking for equal spacing as you go. (Of course I eyeballed it but you could measure if you prefer.) When your outlines are dry, go back and fill them in with patterns of your choosing. You can also add words at this time if you like!

Lastly, add your pompom tails! I got mine from the target dollar section and they had sticky backs, but you could make your own and glue them on.


I loved the way this turned out and think I’ll try another with brighter colors! If you decide to give this project a go, post your completed sign in the comments so others can admire your work!

He is Risen Planter

This fun and easy Easter project was perfect for my girls!


We started with a scavenger hunt where the girls gathers twigs, pebbles, and dirt. Granted in a normal Minnesota winter this would be a painfully difficult venture, in this particular year the odd weather afforded us a bit more opportunity. We bought our ceramic tray and pot at Goodwill for $1 each and had a glue gun and glue sticks at home. You may also want to include twine to tie your crosses, however, I used some weeping willow branches the girls collected and it worked great! The last things you’ll need are some dirt, and grass seed. You can look at the pictures below for how we put it together, but you’ll have to tune in later for our finished project as our grass has just begun to rise up through the dirt!

Final pictures to follow!

After checking every few minutes and then hours, I finally gave into the fact that grass takes a while to grow and am now patiently waiting To take my final picture while enjoying each individual blade as it pops through to say hello!


Love Bugs

With Valentine’s Day approaching I thought I’d post some craft ideas for the kiddos. This project is a spin on our Spider Craft for kids and we call them “Love Bugs”. The only materials you need are Paper straws, pipecleaners, and heart stickers. The heart stickers can be paper, felt, or foam.

Below are photos of how to make this projects but for more detailed instructions take a look back at or previous post!


The only difference in this project from the spiders is that we put two stickers sticky sides together to make the Love Bug’s body.

imageFor younger kids I do the first part and they get to decorate with the paper beads. My girls loved this craft so much we are using it at their preschool valentines party!





Corrugated Cardboard Ornaments



-Cardboard Pieces

-Craft or Floral Wire (or wire ornament hook)


– Embelishments: buttons, pompoms, sequins…

-Glue Gun


Step 1: Peel one side of the cardboard off revealing the corrugated side. No need to get ever spec it adds character!

imageStep 2: Cut out your ornaments shapes. Kee in mind the direction of the raised lines when cutting!

imageStep 3: Paint your pieces using a foam brush. You can paint them completely or leave some cardboard showing through.

Step 4: Glue your pieces together and add a wire loop or ornament hanger to the back!

Step 5: Add any embelishments you’d like and hang them on your tree!

(These also work great as gift tags!)

Holiday Painted Window

imageA while back I was driving to church and saw these fantastic windows on the curb for free! While I had many ideas on how to use them, I found myself hesitant to hang them because they are so heavy. (I have an unrealistic fear of heavy things falling on people…) So after sitting around for a few months I finally decided to utilize them to decorate for the holidays. After painting on the glass and leaning them in a corner they finally make the statement I’ve been wanting!

I chose my design after scowering the Internet for text and christmas quotes. I didn’t copy a specific font or picture but instead used pieces of what I liked to create my own design.

imageI free handed my words and design onto the window with a Sharpie paint marker and I loved the way it turned out. I also loved writing on the glass so much I may have attacked some other antique windows I had lying around as well… Due to the fact that I don’t do much measuring, planning, laying things out, or tracing, I did have to make one correction on a different window but found nail polish remover took the paint off and I was able to fix my mistake. For those of you that seek perfection you could definitely print off a design and trace it write through the glass! So easy but where’s the fun in that. 😉

Holiday Decor


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