Peek-a-Boo Apple!


The fall fun has begun! What better way to enjoy fall than doing a craft with the littles.


-Egg carton

-Popcycle Stick

-Googley eyes

-Paper (You can use green or let the littles color them.)


-Paints, markers, or crayons.





Step 1: Cut out two individual pieces from the egg carton and poke slits into them using your scissors. (Tip: this part is best done by an adult or with supervision!)


Step 2: Cut a small section of pipecleaner, attach the googley eyes, and wrap your cute little worm around the popcycle stick!


Step 3: Color, Paint, or use what ever means you so prefer, to decorate your apple and leaf.


Step  4: Slide the two pieces of “apple” on to the popcycle stick and glue on your leaf.


Step 5: Your Peek-a-boo worm is ready. My girls loved offering pretend bites of their apple to daddy and surprising him with the worm! The last picture was our taken when we came up with the idea last year…as you can see we made some improvement to our worms!

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