No Sew Tutu: Great for a last minute Halloween Witch!




-2 yards of tule (You can also add more for a fuller skirt!)

-1 to 2 yards of Ribbon



-Step 1: Cut your tule in half and the. Into strips. Each strip should be about 3 in by 2 ft. Half of the length of the strip will be the length of your skirt so adjust accordingly. (Since I was using this tutu for  Halloween I cut my strips slightly different sizes and a little jagged. Expire meant to get the look you like best!)

-Step 2: Fold a striping half. Wrapping the ends around the ribbon and pulling it back through the loop. Continue to knot the remaining stops until your skirt is complete!

Step 3: Your skirts complete. Just tie it on and watch them twirl!



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