Rustic Floating Shelf


This project was done at my sisters home but I might just have to find a place for a shelf like this in mine. When my sister first told me her plan to liven up this little area, I wasn’t sure how hard it would be. It turned out to be a pretty straight forward project so if your temped to try your own floating shelf go for it!


We began by getting all of our wood from homedepot. A pretty simple task except when you have two four year olds and a crazy two year old in tow. After scrutinizing all the wood and being saved by an episode of paw patrol on my sisters phone,  we made it out with our boards and some of our sanity still intact. We ended up using eight inch wide boards for the shelf and 6 inch wide boards for the wall attachment. We had our pieces roughly cut to size in store but ended up needing to make some small cuts at home to get things to line up just right.


With the kids secured in the giant playpen (also known as a trampoline) we  assembled the five boards that made up the box that would be our floating shelf. I should mention we pre-drilled holes for our screws which helped prevent splitting.


The mounting board was 6ft long and fit right inside of our shelf. We added horizontal boards to support the shelf when it was attached to the wall. My sister was smart enough to go and mark where the studs would be so we didn’t locate any of the braces in the way of its mounting.


With our two pieces complete we sanded the outside of the shelf to even thing out. It also helps the stain evenly absorb so don’t skip this step if your making your own shelf. Next came my favorite part, roughing up the edges! We used the sander at an angle to add some nicks and texture to the shelf’s edges and finally applied the stain.


While our shelf dried, we located the studs and installed the mounting board in place. We made sure to hit at least three studs along the way to give the shelf some extra strength and stability!


When the shelf was finally dry (or at least dry enough to carry in as we just couldn’t wait to see it up) we simply slipped it onto the mounting board and secured it with two screws.


The end result was beaituful!



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