Decorating with Damaged Books

I love books, having two young children I seldom finish them, but I do enjoy a good read. One thing I don’t enjoy, is damaged books. I know the cover being bent, the corners folded (ever heard of a bookmark people…you know who you are) or a small tear doesn’t change the story but it really bugs me. Since I love decorating,  I have decided to turn my unliked damaged (or outdated) books into much loved home decor. It is so simple anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can make good use of them.


Start with a damaged or unwanted paperback book. (See the final tip for hardcover books*)  Pull the cover back,  striping it from the binding. Once one side is removed pull off the other side and even a page if you’d like it to look a little different.


Use the books separately or tie them in groups and place around your home. Tip: when stacking, vary the sizes but make sure the largest is on the bottom. Also, be sure to pay attention to color and stick with similar books or use ones that all differ in color. Avoid the odd one out look.


Old books are perfect for grouping with additional items, placing in trays, decorating shelves, or laying on coffee and end tables.



*Tip: With hardcover books you can remove the book jackets and even use them with the binding facing in to create a more uniform look.

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