Barbie Birthday Cake : From Pinterest fail to Pinterest pass



There have been three Barbie cakes made by my mother for the girls birthdays.  As you can see above, they have improved over time. (The look on my daughters face for cake one says it all!)  I am absolutely not a proffesional but I think this simple frosting is just enough to impress a wide eyed four year old and is certainly enough to keep us off the Pinterest fail boards. With two daughters, and soon to be three nieces, I foresee my frosting skills improving with each passing birthday.


The Barbie birthday cake uses a special pan  shaped like a cone with a hollow rod in the middle to promote even cooking. It works great but if you don’t have one you can also layer and carve out a similar shape. In our first attempt the cake wasn’t tall enough for a full size Barbie so we had to add a cake to the bottom. Going forward we switched to little Barbies instead!


Picking out the Barbie is a big part of this cake. You need to have the right size Barbie for your cake and its best to choose one with a painted on top to avoid getting little clothes covered in frosting. Swim suit and Ballerina Barbies work great for this reason. The colors of your Barbie can also coordinate with the colors of your cake. To avoid getting frosting on the bottom half of your Barbie its best to wrap them in plastic wrap.


When your ready to decorate leave the Barbie on the side. You can use store bought frosting or make and color your own. The First step in decorating your cake is to cover the entire cake in one color. I used a metal spatula but any flat utensil would do. After covering the entire cake I switched colors to make the top and bottom pedal design.


To make the pedals I simple got a small amount of frosting on the end of the spreader pushed it down and dragged to the center. I repeated this all around the top and then added pedals to the bottom. On the bottom I used a bit more frosting for each pedal and pushed in onto the bottom of the cake then dragged up slightly.


Finally the Barbie was put in place and a tooth pick was used to fill in the space around her with frosting. Finishing touches were added with sprinkles and  cake three was ready to serve!


*Update: Barbie Cakes have become a birthday tradition check out some of the  fun below!


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