Simple Framed Canvas

IMG_6280Framing a canvas can help it stand out, give it a more finished look, add some  character, or provide some much needed contrast. The great thing about framing your own canvas is you can choose any finish you would like to help it blend in or stand out.

For my frame I kept it simple and choose boards that would match the depth of the canvas and provide a one inch border. You could also go wider or create some depth by extending the frame beyond the canvas.

After measuring and cutting the boards at a 45 degree angle. I used small nails to nail the pieces drirectly into the existing canvas. Originally I planned on the frame being white washed but after hanging it I decided I needed more contrast so I painted it dark grey.

I did white wash it before assembling which was a bit faster and easier but a little painters tape made the redo a breeze.


Do you have any Canvas’ that could use a spicing up? Maybe a white washed fram or some metallic? Stain of any shade or a bright pop of color? The possibilities are endless. Feel free to share your own canvas frames below!

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