How to Decorate Railings with Garland for Christmas!

imageIt’s never to early to start thinking Christmas! Garland can really make a big statement especially if you have a large foyer.

imageFirst things first! Attach your garland to to railing using wire, pipecleaners, or Velcro straps. Try to keep your swags consistent and about half the height of the railing. Also, keep in mind wire can scratch but Velcro straps tend to show more.

imageAdd your lights before decorations. You can use wire to attach them or green Pipecleaners. (Tip: Start with the lights plugged in to make sure they work and allow you to add more if needed. You can also double back and do two layers)

Add ribbons and bows. Twist the ribbon as you place it along the garland for added dimension. Attach the bows seperatly using wire at the top of each swag. For added fun use a large bow with an ornament cluster at the bottom of the railing.

imageFinish it off with some well placed ornaments and berries, then sit back and enjoy!


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