Contact Paper Fall Tree


This was a project we did last year but we will definitaly be doing it again this fall!


-Roll of Cantact Paper (One of my favorite kids craft supplies! I get mine at target.)

-Brown Paper Bag


-Container for collecting leaves


Step 1: Go treasure hunting for the most beautiful leaves you can find. Collect all colors, shapes, and sizes!


Step 2: Cut out a tree trunk from your brown paper bag. Scrunch it up and smooth it back out before taping it up.

Step 3: Cut out a tree shape from your contact paper and attach using double sided tape or just taping the edges. (Tip: I cut out four large cloud shapes and put them together to make my tree canopy.)


Step 4: Let the kids decorate. My girls had fun for days adding leaves and switching them around. Enjoy!!

2 thoughts on “Contact Paper Fall Tree

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  1. We did this paper tree with my nephews last weekend and they loved it! The whole family, grandparents, brother and sisters and all the nieces and nephews had fun collecting leaves from the backyard and making a gorgeous sliding glass door tree. Great idea Brittany! Love your affordable but super cute ideas! Keep ’em coming.


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