Hippity Hop Bunny Board

imageIf your looking to add a touch of spring or Easter decor to your home this project is perfect for you!

The supplies needed are a wooden board, scissors, white paint, a paint marker/markers the your choice, pompoms or cottonballs, cardboard, and a paper towel.

I started by white washing the board. I’m not one for clean up, so I simply squirted a line of paint down the board, wet a paper towel and spread it around. After one coat I decided I wanted it whiter so I simply added a second layer and was good to go!


While the paint dried, I drew and cut out my bunny pattern. As you can see I used basic shapes to get it looking proportionate and then made it slightly larger after holding up to my board. If your uncomfortable free handing just print off a bunny shape you like online trace and cut!

Use your pattern to trace your bunnies onto your board, checking for equal spacing as you go. (Of course I eyeballed it but you could measure if you prefer.) When your outlines are dry, go back and fill them in with patterns of your choosing. You can also add words at this time if you like!

Lastly, add your pompom tails! I got mine from the target dollar section and they had sticky backs, but you could make your own and glue them on.


I loved the way this turned out and think I’ll try another with brighter colors! If you decide to give this project a go, post your completed sign in the comments so others can admire your work!

He is Risen Planter

This fun and easy Easter project was perfect for my girls!


We started with a scavenger hunt where the girls gathers twigs, pebbles, and dirt. Granted in a normal Minnesota winter this would be a painfully difficult venture, in this particular year the odd weather afforded us a bit more opportunity. We bought our ceramic tray and pot at Goodwill for $1 each and had a glue gun and glue sticks at home. You may also want to include twine to tie your crosses, however, I used some weeping willow branches the girls collected and it worked great! The last things you’ll need are some dirt, and grass seed. You can look at the pictures below for how we put it together, but you’ll have to tune in later for our finished project as our grass has just begun to rise up through the dirt!

Final pictures to follow!

After checking every few minutes and then hours, I finally gave into the fact that grass takes a while to grow and am now patiently waiting To take my final picture while enjoying each individual blade as it pops through to say hello!


Corrugated Cardboard Ornaments



-Cardboard Pieces

-Craft or Floral Wire (or wire ornament hook)


– Embelishments: buttons, pompoms, sequins…

-Glue Gun


Step 1: Peel one side of the cardboard off revealing the corrugated side. No need to get ever spec it adds character!

imageStep 2: Cut out your ornaments shapes. Kee in mind the direction of the raised lines when cutting!

imageStep 3: Paint your pieces using a foam brush. You can paint them completely or leave some cardboard showing through.

Step 4: Glue your pieces together and add a wire loop or ornament hanger to the back!

Step 5: Add any embelishments you’d like and hang them on your tree!

(These also work great as gift tags!)

Spider Craft for Kids : Pipecleaners and Paper Straws


These pipecleaner spiders are so much fun and so easy to do! We made multicolored ones last year with black Pipecleaners and plastic straws and they turned out awesome. This year we tried orange  pipecleaners and black and white paper straws.


-Pipecleaners (5 per spider)

-Staws (Paper or plastic the possibility a are endless! About 5 per spider)

-Googley Eyes (Optional)



Step 1: Twist four Pipecleaners together creating right spider legs!


Step 2: Cut the stews into 1/2 in pieces. They don’t need to be perfect a little variation adds character!


Step 3: Let the kids get to work! If your doing this with a group you can have plates for each kids ready to go. Make sure to tell them to stop with one bead length left at the end of each leg but if they don’t you can always remove one to twist the foot.

Step 4: Bend the end of each foot and twist to ensure the straws stay on. (For a simplified version you can stop here or add   Googley eyes and call it good! )

Step 4: Use the extra pipe cleaner to create a body for your spider by bending it in half and then twisting. Placing it around the body of the spider and twisting again. Fold the remaining pieces in half making little grippers (for lack of a knowledge of spider anatomy). Lastly twist the remaining pipecleaner around the body of the spider.

Step 5: If desired add Googley eyes and let the playing begin!


Hand Painted Wood Signs

Hand painted signs may not be as perfect as stenciled or printed but they can add a lot of character to a room.



-Black Paint

-Stain or white paint

-Pencil and Eraser


Step 1: I painted my board with a combination of grey stain and white paint to give a white washed look.

Step 2: Next I planned out what I wanted them to say. Look for inspiration online or use text generators to try out different fonts for your text!


Step 3: I sketched my words with a pencil before going over them with paint. This helped me get hints a bit more centered and consistent.

Step 4: Next I waited for my paint to dry before erasing any left over pencil. (Make sure you wait or you’ll end up with a big smudge of paint on your sign…)


Step 5: If doing any strait lines use painters tape to get a good edge. You can also add a frame or hanging hardware to the back and your ready to go!


Quick Change Halloween Wreath


I love having holiday wreaths but I hate storing them. This is an easy project that lets you transform a wreath with a few pins and a cute decoration that can be removed and easily stored off season!



-Sewing needle and thread or a hot glue gun

-Tule (About two yards)

-Long socks ( I chose a orange and black striped pair from the Target dollars section!)

-2 pieces of felt

-Cotton filling or other stuffing. Heck you can even use paper!



Step 1: Cut out two pairs of witches shoes from your felt and sew or glue them together leaving the tops open. You will want to stuff them a bit to give some dimension.


Step 2: Next stuff your socks and insert them into the shoes. (You may want to see them in place or glue them!)


Step 3: Lay your tule out. You can use all one color or two separate colors. Fold each piece in fourths or thirds and cut the bottom edges in a zig zag pattern.


Step 4: Sew the tule, gathering as you go. When you are done it should look like the photo below. (If your choosing to use a glue gun skip this step!)

Step 5: Wrap the tule around the two socks and stitch across or glue as you go. This should give you a skirt and legs all in one piece!


Step 6: Finally pin your masterpiece to the back of a wreath and pull the legs through for the Halloween season. When Halloween has passed unpin and your wreath is Ready to go!! Who doesn’t love two holiday decorations in one!!

Contact Paper Fall Tree


This was a project we did last year but we will definitaly be doing it again this fall!


-Roll of Cantact Paper (One of my favorite kids craft supplies! I get mine at target.)

-Brown Paper Bag


-Container for collecting leaves


Step 1: Go treasure hunting for the most beautiful leaves you can find. Collect all colors, shapes, and sizes!


Step 2: Cut out a tree trunk from your brown paper bag. Scrunch it up and smooth it back out before taping it up.

Step 3: Cut out a tree shape from your contact paper and attach using double sided tape or just taping the edges. (Tip: I cut out four large cloud shapes and put them together to make my tree canopy.)


Step 4: Let the kids decorate. My girls had fun for days adding leaves and switching them around. Enjoy!!

Stamped Wood Coasters


This project is simple, cute, easily peronalized, and practical. What more can one want?!



-Linoleum wood floor samples (These can be bought at some hardware stores while others give them out for free)

-Thin permanant marker ( black or metallics look great!)

-Cork contact paper (This can be found at your local target or homedepot in a roll and is great for lots of projects especially coasters!)

-Metal Stamps (I love these! You can purchase them at a craft store or hardware store. If looking at the hardware store ask for the metal stamps used to mark plumbing pipes.)

-Twine or Ribbon (Optional for giving as a gift)



Step 1: Choose what you’d like to write on your coasters. Inspirational quotes, names, funny sayings, the same on each, or different things on every coaster…the sky is the limit. When you have it figured out find your letters, plan out where you’d like them, and start stamping! (Tip: Be careful not to shift the stamp if you hit it more than once as it will give you double letters. Also don’t stamp when your two year olds climbing the toy cube or you may end up with a double V like I did..)

Step 2: Color in the letters with permanent markers. This gives them extra definition or a shot of color depending on the markers you choose.


Step 3: Cut the cork contact paper the size of your coasters. Peel and stick. It’s that easy!

Concrete Pumpkins

I recently saw some adorable concrete pumpkins at the store. Since I just happened to have a bag of left over Concrete mix in my garage (who doesn’t?) I thought I might as well attempt making my own. The neighborhood kids even got curious and came over to join in the fun. Let’s just say I learned my patience for letting concrete dry is equivalent to that of a two year old…


-Miniture Plastic Pumpkins (I got mine at Target in the dollar section)

-Cooking spray

-Large nails (You can also use tea lights of you want to try to make candle holders. I tried this in my second batch and loved it!)

-1 bag Quikrete or similar fast drying concrete.

-Plastic container and shovel for mixing

-Sharp Knife or fine tooth saw



Step 1: Prepare the pails by taking the handles off and spraying the insides with cooking spray to avoid sticking.


Step 2: Mix the Quikrete according to the directions and fill the pumpkins.


Step 3: Tap the pumpkins on the ground to help get the air bubbles out and then add your nails to the center. (Tip: I think they look even cuter with a little slant to give them some character. If you’d prefer you could also forgo the nails and add tea lights for a different use!)

Step 4: Wait…seriously don’t try to get them out early or pull the nails to check if they are stuck. It will not turn out well. Trust me I tried and if I can wait (for the remaining three pumkins I didn’t already ruin) you can too.

Step 5: Remove the plastic pumpkins by slicing four or more lines around the pumpkin and popping them free of their molds. Brush off and enjoy!

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