Hand Painted Wood Signs

Hand painted signs may not be as perfect as stenciled or printed but they can add a lot of character to a room.



-Black Paint

-Stain or white paint

-Pencil and Eraser


Step 1: I painted my board with a combination of grey stain and white paint to give a white washed look.

Step 2: Next I planned out what I wanted them to say. Look for inspiration online or use text generators to try out different fonts for your text!


Step 3: I sketched my words with a pencil before going over them with paint. This helped me get hints a bit more centered and consistent.

Step 4: Next I waited for my paint to dry before erasing any left over pencil. (Make sure you wait or you’ll end up with a big smudge of paint on your sign…)


Step 5: If doing any strait lines use painters tape to get a good edge. You can also add a frame or hanging hardware to the back and your ready to go!


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