Spider Craft for Kids : Pipecleaners and Paper Straws


These pipecleaner spiders are so much fun and so easy to do! We made multicolored ones last year with black Pipecleaners and plastic straws and they turned out awesome. This year we tried orange  pipecleaners and black and white paper straws.


-Pipecleaners (5 per spider)

-Staws (Paper or plastic the possibility a are endless! About 5 per spider)

-Googley Eyes (Optional)



Step 1: Twist four Pipecleaners together creating right spider legs!


Step 2: Cut the stews into 1/2 in pieces. They don’t need to be perfect a little variation adds character!


Step 3: Let the kids get to work! If your doing this with a group you can have plates for each kids ready to go. Make sure to tell them to stop with one bead length left at the end of each leg but if they don’t you can always remove one to twist the foot.

Step 4: Bend the end of each foot and twist to ensure the straws stay on. (For a simplified version you can stop here or add   Googley eyes and call it good! )

Step 4: Use the extra pipe cleaner to create a body for your spider by bending it in half and then twisting. Placing it around the body of the spider and twisting again. Fold the remaining pieces in half making little grippers (for lack of a knowledge of spider anatomy). Lastly twist the remaining pipecleaner around the body of the spider.

Step 5: If desired add Googley eyes and let the playing begin!


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