Above Cabinet Decor

For the longest time I’ve neglected the space above my cabinets. While placing the right items above cabinets can bring the eye up and make a room feel taller, using the wrong items can make things feel cramped or messy.

In this area I used two simple items to bring the eye up without overcomplicating the space.


One thing to remember when decorating above cabinets is that items may need to be raised or propped up. Books, boxes, and easels can help items fit your spaces better. Just remember to use books you’ve already read and things you won’t be needing!

I love how this simple change brought life to this under utilized space!

On a side note, I made both the sign and arrangement. The sign was a left over board I had that I white washed and hand painted. The arrangement was made in a beautiful crock I bought for $2 a while back. Here are some photos of the two items in process.




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