Stamped Wood Coasters


This project is simple, cute, easily peronalized, and practical. What more can one want?!



-Linoleum wood floor samples (These can be bought at some hardware stores while others give them out for free)

-Thin permanant marker ( black or metallics look great!)

-Cork contact paper (This can be found at your local target or homedepot in a roll and is great for lots of projects especially coasters!)

-Metal Stamps (I love these! You can purchase them at a craft store or hardware store. If looking at the hardware store ask for the metal stamps used to mark plumbing pipes.)

-Twine or Ribbon (Optional for giving as a gift)



Step 1: Choose what you’d like to write on your coasters. Inspirational quotes, names, funny sayings, the same on each, or different things on every coaster…the sky is the limit. When you have it figured out find your letters, plan out where you’d like them, and start stamping! (Tip: Be careful not to shift the stamp if you hit it more than once as it will give you double letters. Also don’t stamp when your two year olds climbing the toy cube or you may end up with a double V like I did..)

Step 2: Color in the letters with permanent markers. This gives them extra definition or a shot of color depending on the markers you choose.


Step 3: Cut the cork contact paper the size of your coasters. Peel and stick. It’s that easy!

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