Holiday Painted Window

imageA while back I was driving to church and saw these fantastic windows on the curb for free! While I had many ideas on how to use them, I found myself hesitant to hang them because they are so heavy. (I have an unrealistic fear of heavy things falling on people…) So after sitting around for a few months I finally decided to utilize them to decorate for the holidays. After painting on the glass and leaning them in a corner they finally make the statement I’ve been wanting!

I chose my design after scowering the Internet for text and christmas quotes. I didn’t copy a specific font or picture but instead used pieces of what I liked to create my own design.

imageI free handed my words and design onto the window with a Sharpie paint marker and I loved the way it turned out. I also loved writing on the glass so much I may have attacked some other antique windows I had lying around as well… Due to the fact that I don’t do much measuring, planning, laying things out, or tracing, I did have to make one correction on a different window but found nail polish remover took the paint off and I was able to fix my mistake. For those of you that seek perfection you could definitely print off a design and trace it write through the glass! So easy but where’s the fun in that. 😉

Holiday Decor


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