Table, Chairs, and a Chandelier: Take Two

In our home we have a eat in kitchen and no dinning room. While I didn’t hate the before I’ve been waiting to change it up and finally had the chance. A new table, chairs, and light fixture finally brought everything together and made the space feel larger and more welcoming to guest.

Originally when we moved in we brought with out counter height table and chairs set. While it worked ok, the height made the space feel smaller and we were never able to seat more than six people. I replaced the table with one I bought off swap and shop and the chairs I picked up for free. Both needed a bit of TLC but in the end were the perfect fit.

(Take a look at my DIY section for more information on all the work that went into them.)

In addition to switching out the table and chairs, I also switched out the light fixture that came with our home for something a little more fun. Nothing makes a house shine light new lighting (no pun intended…seriously I didn’t even catch it until editing).

I absolutely love my new chandelier and I think it added just the right amount of glitz. After a little shopping, some hard work, and some finishing touches, I finally have a welcoming area to feed friends and family.


Fun fact: After selling my old set and light and purchasing the new items, I actually ended up making $20 on this entire project!

*Here’s the break down: I sold my old set for $250 and my old light fixture for $40 bringing in $290. I then purchased my table for $50, got my chairs for free, and spent $200 on my new chandelier. While I had some supplies on hand, I did have to  purchase polyurethane,a brush, and sand paper so in then end I spent a total of $270.


One thought on “Table, Chairs, and a Chandelier: Take Two

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  1. I have seen the results first-hand -wow! The finished table made me think Restoration Hardware. So beautiful. The chairs and chandelier are spectacular , the space just twinkles! Nice job


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