Quick Change Halloween Wreath


I love having holiday wreaths but I hate storing them. This is an easy project that lets you transform a wreath with a few pins and a cute decoration that can be removed and easily stored off season!



-Sewing needle and thread or a hot glue gun

-Tule (About two yards)

-Long socks ( I chose a orange and black striped pair from the Target dollars section!)

-2 pieces of felt

-Cotton filling or other stuffing. Heck you can even use paper!



Step 1: Cut out two pairs of witches shoes from your felt and sew or glue them together leaving the tops open. You will want to stuff them a bit to give some dimension.


Step 2: Next stuff your socks and insert them into the shoes. (You may want to see them in place or glue them!)


Step 3: Lay your tule out. You can use all one color or two separate colors. Fold each piece in fourths or thirds and cut the bottom edges in a zig zag pattern.


Step 4: Sew the tule, gathering as you go. When you are done it should look like the photo below. (If your choosing to use a glue gun skip this step!)

Step 5: Wrap the tule around the two socks and stitch across or glue as you go. This should give you a skirt and legs all in one piece!


Step 6: Finally pin your masterpiece to the back of a wreath and pull the legs through for the Halloween season. When Halloween has passed unpin and your wreath is Ready to go!! Who doesn’t love two holiday decorations in one!!

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