Vanity Bench Redo!

My grandma had an adorable vanity in her room as a child but it needed some freshening up! I’ll eventually add pictures of the finished vanity but for today we finished off the bench!


-Upholstered bench

-Upolstery fabric (Mine was left over from a pillow project!)

-Thick foam cushion (TIP: I found the foam was quite expensive at the stores so I bought a King sized memory foam mattress topper to use instead. It was way cheaper than the foam from the fabric store and is super comfortable! For this project I had a left over piece from a bench a while back. You can even use the egg carton toppers if you double them with bumpy sides together.)

-Staple Gun


-Paint: I used black chalk paint (not  to be confused with chalkboard paint) because I love that you don’t have to prep or prime!


-First I removed the seat by unscrewing it and threw out the old fabric and cushion ( It was in pretty rough shape.)

-Next I cut out the new foam and material. I used the board as a template cutting the foam the exact same size and the material an extra two inches on each side to allow it to cover the foam and wrap around the bottom slightly.


-With the pieces lined up, I used the staple gun to attach the fabric to the board. I started on one side then pulled tight to opposite side. I then carefully folded the corners and finished off the remaining sides.

Enter a caption

-With the seat complete I tackled painting the frame. It took two coats and a finishing wax but not to much time. I think it under up looking great!


-The final step was reattaching the seat cushion and admiring the fresh look!


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