A Rustic Christmas

I’m not the only one in my family that has fun decorating for Christmas. My sister Lindsay has boxes of beautiful decor that she places just right around the house. Her decorating makes you wanna cozy up with a cup of cocoa (and her hospitality allows me to do just that when I pop in unannounced). A touch of Christmas in every room! IMG_6584IMG_6585IMG_6586IMG_6588IMG_6589




Christmas Tree: Decorating with Greens

My favorite time of year has begun and I’ve just complete tree number one. While this tree will be part of the Christmas 2017 album I wanted to do a special post for those that aren’t super happy with their tree to begin with. Maybe your tree is to dark green for your taste, maybe the branches lack variation, or they may be  sparse. Whatever you Tree looks like just think of it as a blank canvas!



For this particlular tree I wanted to lighten up the green and add some more texture. This was accomplished by stuffing the tree with a variety of greenery before decorating. I used everything! Ivy, ferns, grasses, berries, and more. Basically if it was in the not used greenery box it went on the tree.

IMG_6429When decorating a tree with greenery the key is to either stick with one or two types evenly spread or stuff as much as you can being careful to balance color and texture. After filling in our tree we added our other decorations.



This tree is located in a central location of the home so I kept it in line with the surrounding decor. Three types of ribbon (Isn’t the black and white stripe just amazing!) standard round ornaments, some unique ornaments, and even beaded garland make this tree a stunning site and to be honest the photos don’t do it justice!


Bathroom Update: Luxury Vinyl Tile

Another post from my sisters wonderful new home. Have you ever seen vinyl flooring turn yellow? Specifically in places rugs once called home…Well my sisters new bathroom had a fantastic example of just that.


While she could have covered it up with yet another rug she would have also needed to have one of the fuzzy feet toilet skirts as well. (Let’s just be honest for a second here…while they do keep your feet cozy and warm while your going about your buisness they also provide a wonderful home for germs and dare I say overspray. Please do your guests a favor and don’t make them straddle your beautiful shaggy toilet turf. Moving on…)

After some thought (about ten minutes of thought after seeing luxury Vinyl Tile at Lowes) they decided to give it a go.


There was plenty of information online about installing Luxury Vinyl tile. After some reading they decided to clean the floors and lay the tiles right over the top of the offending floors. These spesific tiles already had adhesive backs so no additional adhesive was needed! The only other tools needed were a square, exacting knife, grout, and some nickels for spacers.


The actual project started in one corner laying each tile individually and spacing them using the nickles. The first row consisted of whole and half tiles to obtain a staggered pattern.


The laying was pretty simple with the exception of the toilet, however, all that was needed was to cut out the correct shape and continue laying.


After laying the tiles The next step is grouting.


My sister used a premixed neutral grout to finish the whole thing off. (If your floors will see a lot of use you may want to go with a colored grout as white can dirty quickly and leave your bathroom feeling grungy.)


After applying and wiping off the excess grout the project was done and I must say it turned out amazing! It not only rid the bathroom of its dirty rug spots but also updated it and gave it some added warmth. (You’ll have to forgive the color variations…photographing a bathroom with no natural light can be tough…)



Simple Framed Canvas

IMG_6280Framing a canvas can help it stand out, give it a more finished look, add some  character, or provide some much needed contrast. The great thing about framing your own canvas is you can choose any finish you would like to help it blend in or stand out.

For my frame I kept it simple and choose boards that would match the depth of the canvas and provide a one inch border. You could also go wider or create some depth by extending the frame beyond the canvas.

After measuring and cutting the boards at a 45 degree angle. I used small nails to nail the pieces drirectly into the existing canvas. Originally I planned on the frame being white washed but after hanging it I decided I needed more contrast so I painted it dark grey.

I did white wash it before assembling which was a bit faster and easier but a little painters tape made the redo a breeze.


Do you have any Canvas’ that could use a spicing up? Maybe a white washed fram or some metallic? Stain of any shade or a bright pop of color? The possibilities are endless. Feel free to share your own canvas frames below!

Halloween Decor: 2017

This years Halloween Decorations took about 5 min to put up but really made an impact. We ready for Halloween are you?

Quick Change Halloween Wreath
Pipe Cleaner Spiders 
A few corn stalks from the garden and some small pumpkins transorms the wilting summer pots. 
Bright orange tape wrapped around the exterior light makes the while house feel in the spirit. 
DIY Yarn Spider Web 


Decorating with Damaged Books

I love books, having two young children I seldom finish them, but I do enjoy a good read. One thing I don’t enjoy, is damaged books. I know the cover being bent, the corners folded (ever heard of a bookmark people…you know who you are) or a small tear doesn’t change the story but it really bugs me. Since I love decorating,  I have decided to turn my unliked damaged (or outdated) books into much loved home decor. It is so simple anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can make good use of them.


Start with a damaged or unwanted paperback book. (See the final tip for hardcover books*)  Pull the cover back,  striping it from the binding. Once one side is removed pull off the other side and even a page if you’d like it to look a little different.


Use the books separately or tie them in groups and place around your home. Tip: when stacking, vary the sizes but make sure the largest is on the bottom. Also, be sure to pay attention to color and stick with similar books or use ones that all differ in color. Avoid the odd one out look.


Old books are perfect for grouping with additional items, placing in trays, decorating shelves, or laying on coffee and end tables.



*Tip: With hardcover books you can remove the book jackets and even use them with the binding facing in to create a more uniform look.

Wooden Crate: Decorating with multiple angles in mind.


This is another project we completed at my sisters new home. Because of the layout of their home the top of the cabinets are visible from their upstairs familyroom as well as the kitchen. The space called for something that would look good from a variety of angles. It had to make a statement in the kitchen but blend into the background of the familyroom which it did wonderfully.



This crate was perfect. The contrast in the lettering seen from the kitchen below was bold, yet viewing it from the alternate side it blended and brought balance.



The modifications we made to this item included adding some decorative wheels to give it the height we needed and filling it with green hydrangeas to bring some life!


I think this wooden crate turned into quite the perfect piece!

Light Fixture Upgrade: DIY Canning Jar Light

IMG_5912I recently visited my sister in her beautiful new home and she blessed me by allowing me to help get some house projects done! The first thing we tackled was this light fixture over her sink. We were looking for a cheep fun update that better fit her style and we opted to go with a Canning Jar for a new shade. We began by removing the old glass shade and pieces.

IMG_5914After disassembling things we needed to create a hole in the center of the Jar lid. The hole needs to be the same size as the hole in your previous glass shade.  In order to cut the hole you can use a special drill bit as we did Or you can puncture all the way around the hole with nails essentially leaving you with dotted line of death to punch out. With my history of cuts and my brother-inlaws knowledge of tools we opted for using the drill instead.

IMG_5928With the holes complete we simply slid the lids onto the light fixture and secured them with the metal ring used to hold the shade.


Next we screwed in the our new light bulbs which we bought to fit the mouth of the jars. You could use wide mouth jars which would allow you to fit standard light bulbs however it does change the look and the lid is wider and doesn’t bled with the currentl fixture as well. Also be sure to use clear bulbs or Edison depending on your design aesthetic.


Lastly we screwed on the jar and out fixture was complete!


*Update: While we had discussed wrapping the fixture stems in rope we didn’t get to it when I was visiting. Take a peek below for their final rustic fixture makeover!


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